New Modes of Treatment

Mike is renowned for his impartial and consultative approach – because he's always looking to innovate ways to deliver the best possible service to clients. His priority is getting your mental health back on track. 

To that end, he has a few specialist and forward thinking ways to work with you. For several years he has worked with somatic methods of managing trauma and has just become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional after training with Janina Fisher, supported by Bessel van der Kolk. He is passionate about trauma informed therapies and led the way in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy when working with complex PTSD

He is also now about to launch the Flow Neuroscience tDMS depressions treatment, a new and innovative way to treat depression without the use of drugs. It involves a headset which sends a mild electrical current across the brain for a 30 minute session and the evidence shows a marked improvement for many people.

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Whole of UK, Ireland, Europe and Internationally

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